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Kettlebell Training Option

Here at the Keepfit Personal Training Studio we can provide resistance training via barbells, dumbells, TRX suspension training, elastic bands /tubing, body-weight calisthenics, D.V.R.T. (Direct Variable Resistance Training) Sandbags or kettlebells.  The choices may sound a bit overwhelming, perhaps.  For most clients, I prefer to use a combination of Ketttlebells, TRX, sandbags and body-weight exercises.  The choices are ultimately up to you and what your goals, abilities and commitment are.

(For a quick dive into why older adults need strength training, see my blog post here on the site.)

If you are a member of the Baby-Boomer generation like I am, kettlebells were not used in our country's high school gym-classes, colleges or fitness centers when we were young.  So most people over 50 have no experience with using them to build strength. ( See "What are kettlebells?" on my blog page for a little history and further info on this great tool.)

I think kettlebells are superior in many ways to the other resistance tools listed above. But more importantly, we should take a look at how methods of resistance training have changed over the years.  When we were young, most conventional weight training workouts focused on body parts, a very time consuming method developed by professional body-builders ( who evolved into the original public gym owners.) Think of "bicep curls" you might have done in your youth as an example.

A modern and more effective way to exercise is to use "movement patterns".  These use only a handful of movements that duplicate the way we get around in daily life.  This method uses many of our muscles at one time, meaning you can strengthen your entire body in a short amount of time. Plus when you use movement pattern training your heart and lungs have to work hard too, meaning that you can combine both strength and cardio in just one workout.   Using a kettlebell and movement pattern training means that you can activate hundreds of muscles, challenge your cardio, and flow from one exercise to the next in only a few minutes. (You'll see what I mean when you click on the video below.)

I have been using kettlebells for my own training since 2015, so I am knowledgeable, capable and really enjoy teaching my clients how to use them.  I can get you up and running, and if you later on want to purchase kettlebells for use at your own home, they don't take much space to use them or store them, they are not that expensive and you only need a few;  (2 or 3 to start, eventually you will add 1 or 2 more). So down the road, when you later "graduate" from working with me, you can practice on your own in your own home.  My goal is to teach you everything you need to know to be self directed and strong!  Because strength is the basic foundation for your good health in the years to come! Strength is not just for young people! (Don't worry; You can do this!)

Kettlebell Demo

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