The Progam: "Delivered" at Keep Fit Studio, in Guilderland

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     Tia Chi Instruction!

Balance Improvement Training!

Class Schedules are forming now.

(1) "Open The Door To Tai Chi."  Tai Chi instruction for Beginners.

Very affordable! There will be 5 sessions of the beginner's class, offered weekly. The first class is free. Try out Tai Chi, learn some of the postures, see if this works for you! After you complete those classes, you can join the "regular" class, where all 24 movements are learned and practiced. You pay/commit by the month, by either one or two classes per week (your choice). There are no written contracts or hidden fees. See my "Blog Page" on this site for more info about its history and benefits. Tai Chi, by the way, is performed totally while standing, so if you have issues about getting up and down from the floor, no worries! T.C. is an ancient practice and is gentle on your body. There is no sweating or jumping! Makeup won't run & you can do it in your work clothes! ( You can just remove your shoes.) If you have movement limitations the postures I will teach can be modified to your abilities.  So there is really no reason why almost anyone cannot participate!

(2) "Balance Improvement Training" A Special one month long program presented in 4 weekly sessions for only $ 129. This will be a small group experience with 4 people in the class. I will teach you drills that help you improve your balance, which includes your vision and vestibular systems.  My goal is to teach you a great program that you can do easily at home to improve your balance year round. The old adage "Use it or lose it" really applies to balance!  (If you have never worked with a personal trainer before, this is hopefully a fun way to briefly explore your movement abilities under the guidance of a caring mature professional, yours truly! :)

If you are even mildly curious about either program, please fill out my contact form so I can send you some information about what the classes will be like and what the proven benefits of each class can mean for you. The Tai Chi classes include access to videos to reinforce the class instruction so you can practice at home. I will not call you, and I will never share you information or bombard you with spam.  My hope is to get some small groups of people together so we can have fun and develop a little Tai Chi community.

I think it's important to explain the "system" that I use to help you succeed with my One-on-one Personal Training offering:

What I offer is a plan, in the fitness world we call it a program, that is totally individualized to your abilities and goals. I am definitely NOT going to use some type of standard, off-the-shelf, one size fits all plan.  Every client is treated uniquely.  But there is one thing that is "standard" for all my clients; and that is my first obligation. My first duty is simply to do you no harm!  Makes sense right? And yet a surprising amount of people join a gym, get all excited, jump in at 100%; only to get injured or at the least very sore in their first few weeks.  I want to prevent that all-too-common cycle. We are going to start off and proceed in a safe and logical way.  To do this properly, I'm not going to guess, I'm going to use a well proven and accepted system called the Functional Movement Screen.  It was developed around 18 years ago by a very bright Physical Therapist by the name of Gray Cook. This system is currently used in the top universities across our country, with U.S. Olympic teams, and just about every Pro Team regardless of the sport, to keep their players safe, by making sure they are ready to get on the field.  How? by identifying movement weaknesses ("compensations") early, setting a baseline, and working to correct those movement "patterns" over time, so the players are less likely to be injured. That makes everyone happy; the players, coaches, management, and of course the fans!  I am going to use this same system to observe how you move.  We keep a record of the results, and use these findings to develop a plan of where to start your fitness program.  The plan is always to address your movement weaknesses (compensations) first.  And if, for example, we find you have two areas to correct, the system is also going to tell me how to prioritize which actions to tackle first. So for example; the FMS screen could detect you have a noticeable imbalance between your right and left sides when you try to step over an object as high as the top of your shin. Maybe you appear stiff on one side and don't seem to have equal mobility there as your other side.  This is an example of a movement "pattern" that we will try to correct, if possible. The reason we try to correct the issue is that if you can't move freely and confidently, we are not going to add what we call resistance or load to that movement pattern.  Why? Because it's not safe!

So in the beginning of your program we will avoid doing exercises your body is not yet prepared to do properly. My expertise and this system will find these areas; you may not even be aware of them now, but they are important to identify and address so that you don't get hurt.  I am not a medical professional: the scope of what I do is limited to exercising, so if you are in pain or have an injury I'm going to refer you back to a medical professional right away.  But if you are not in pain, I'm going to use this system (within my scope of practice) to hopefully get you moving better.  If you move better, you're going to feel better, and if you feel better I'm going to try to get you to develop some new habits to get you moving more often!  Because we Americans in 2020 are not moving enough......  We sit too much, and our posture is poor from staring at our phones, our computer screens, and our televisions..... Young people can get away with unhealthy behaviors for many years, but if you've read this far I think you know we are now in the stage of life when we have to get real, think ahead and help ourselves by getting fit, so we can stay active for many more years to come!

Finally, I was quite surprised to learn I am one of the only personal trainers in the Albany/ Schenectady area who has studied and become "certified" in this FMS system that I have tried to explain to you.  I'm proud of taking the interest and the time to learn and understand it, and use it for my clients.  I think it makes me a better trainer, and hope you'll agree and choose to work with me. :)