The Progam: "Delivered" at Keep Fit Studio, in Guilderland

I think it's important to explain the "system" that I use to help you succeed with my One-on-one Personal Training offering:

A surprising amount of people join a gym, get all excited, jump in at 100%, only to get injured or at the least very sore in their first few weeks.  I want to prevent that all-too-common cycle. We are going to start off and proceed in a safe and logical way.  To do this properly, I'm not going to guess, I'm going to use a well proven and accepted system called the Functional Movement Screen.   This system is currently used in the top universities and just about every Pro Sports Team in the U.S.A.  By identifying your movement weaknesses ("compensations") during your first visit with me, I will then be able to develop a customized plan made just for your individual abilities and goals, and it will be safe and logical. This plan will evolve at your individual pace and speed. This is not a "cookie-cutter" , one-size-fits-all approach that I use.  You can get that for free from a book or the internet.  I am here to figure out specifically where you are now (movement-wise). Then together we will figure out where you want to go.  My skill and purpose is to coach you in how to get from where you are now (point A); to point B.  If you are open to change, have the desire, and put in the time, together we can really make substantial improvements in how you move and feel. It's not all hard work; hopefully I can make it enjoyable too!

Please call or email me if you have questions about anything you see here. Then if you want to meet me in person we can set up a one-hour consultation and evaluation session at no charge or obligation to go further. No pressure here ever! And I never share your email with anyone or bother you with spam.

A Snippet of Kettlebells

New Offering:

     Tia Chi Instruction!

Class Schedules are forming now.

 "Open The Door To Tai Chi."  Tai Chi instruction for Beginners.

Very affordable! There will be 5 sessions of the "ground floor beginner's" class for a special introductory price of only $99, offered weekly. The first class is private and free, no obligation. Your $99 is due at the 2nd class for sessions 2-5. Try out Tai Chi, learn some of the postures, see if this works for you! After you complete those classes, you can join the "regular beginners" class, where all 24 movements are learned and practiced. You pay/commit by the month, by either one or two classes per week (your choice). There are no written contracts or hidden fees. See my "Blog Page" on this site for more info about its history and benefits. Tai Chi, by the way, is performed totally while standing, so if you have issues about getting up and down from the floor, no worries! T.C. is an ancient practice and is gentle on your body. There is no sweating or jumping! Makeup won't run & you can do it in your work clothes! ( You can just remove your shoes.) If you have movement limitations the postures I will teach can be modified to your abilities.  So there is really no reason why almost anyone cannot participate!