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Title. Double click me.


Welcome to my website.  My name is Bruce Johnson, and I offer my truly personal training services "delivered" at the Keepfit Fitness Studio at 3403 Carman Rd. (Rt. 146) in Guilderland/ Schenectady 12303 or at your home or office. I work by appointment only; there is no gym to join or contracts to sign.


I have acquired substantial knowledge and experience, and really enjoy working with people over 50 years of age; hence the name I chose for my business.  I do however, train younger adults too. All are welcome!

In our first meeting, a scheduled complementary consultation session, I will listen to your needs and goals, evaluate your ability to move, and answer any questions or concerns. (A detailed explanation of my methods and fitness philosophy follows on the "Program Page.") You can train with me once, twice or three times per week; it's totally up to you. We will all wear masks, all the time.  Your safety is my top priority.


These are crazy, stressful and uncertain times. I explored "remote" or on-line coaching when the pandemic hit last spring, and during the summer last year I went outside with clients at their homes.  Keepfit reopened so now I am focused here. We provide a safe and personal experience via our small studio format, by appointment.  I still offer on-line sessions for people who prefer to stay at home to exercise. (Please contact me for my on-line training rates.)


So if you have tried to get fit on your own with the many apps, videos, or free internet workouts and gotten nowhere, consider training with a real person who can professionally coach and guide you through the blitz of overwhelming and often contradictory fitness information. Whether you are just a shy person and maybe don't feel comfortable doing workouts in public, or the Covid-19 pandemic has still kept you from exercising due to safety concerns, I just want to say this: Whether you are ready now or in the future, I am here and will be available to see you wherever you feel comfortable. 

My Offerings:

(1.) Personal Training at KeepfitOne-to-one with me or semi-private (Two trainees together at same session with me.)  My pricing below is based on a one hour long session. The programming or agenda for the session is created to address your individual abilities, strengths, flexibility, goals, etc.  Everything that makes you unique!   It may take some time, patience and dedication for you to earn the results you seek, but I will try my best to be your favorite guide for the journey.  (See my "Program page" for more information.) New Offering: I am now offering half-hour sessions for private (1 to 1) training.



Monthly Plan for Private Training

at Keepfit

  (Trainer:Client Ratio = 1:1)

$ 240 / month :: 1 session per week

$ 440 / month :: 2 sessions per week

$ 595 / month :: 3 sessions per week

New Offering!

Half-hour sessions

Trainer:Client Ratio = 1:1

$ 320 / month :: 2 sessions per week

$ 480 / month :: 3 sessions per week

Monthly Plan for Semi-Private Training

(Trainer: Client Ratio = 2:1)

Please contact me for special rates depending on your goals/situation.

In Your Home or Outside in your yard:

( Or at a Public Park near you!)

I will deliver my service to you at the same rates for hourly Private or Semi-Private sessions at Keepfit Studio. You must live within 12 mile radius of Keepfit.

My No-Risk Membership Details:

There are no contracts or membership fees. We start off with only a week by week commitment for the first four weeks, then we switch to a single month-at-a-time commitment after that. (So for the price per week, just divide the figures above by 4.)   Also, I am willing to mix in-person training with on-line training. For example you could train in-person at Keepfit on one day and train on-line with me at a later day that week. ( This would lower your cost and possibly be more convenient for you as well. Please contact me for special pricing. )  And finally, I am willing to come to your home or office for the same price as coming to Keepfit if you have received full vaccinations for Covid-19, as I have done. Please see my "Program" page for more information.